The city of Castelo Branco, located in the region of Beira Interior Sul (south inner Beira), 60 km away from the Spanish border, is served, in terms of accessibility, by the Beira Interior highway (A23), with direct connections to the A25 (Vilar Formoso - Aveiro) and A1 (Lisbon – Oporto) and, by the railway, to Lisbon.

From Spain or even France you can came by car, bus or train. If you travel to Portugal by international bus or train: international trains run daily between Paris and Lisbon (Sud Express), crossing the border at Vilar Formoso. The nearest international train or bus stop is Guarda. To cover the last 80 km and reach Castelo Branco it is recommended to take a bus.

From other country, the better way to get to Castelo Branco is by plane to Lisbon or Oporto International Airports. We recommend Lisbon, since the connection to Castelo Branco is easier from Lisbon. It takes about three hours to reach Castelo Branco by Inter-City train or bus.


  • From Lisbon airport to:
  1. Bus terminal in Sete Rios - By Underground (METRO) (Airport - Red line until São Sebastião and then change to Blue line direction Reboleira until Jardim Zoologico (ZOO) or by bus Aerobus nº 2 ( until Sete Rios. There you can take a bus direction Guarda that stops in Castelo Branco (To reach Castelo Branco by bus please check timetables;


  2. Oriente railway station - By Underground (METRO) (Airport - Red line until Oriente). There, take a train to Covilhã that stops in Castelo Branco. Inter-City train (Intercidades) is the best choice; the other trains are not as comfortable or fast (Please check timetables


  • From Airoport to Porto

At airport get the Underground (“Andante”) Purple (“Roxa”) line direction “Estádio do Dragão” until “Campo 24 de Agosto” where there is the bus terminal.

Metro travel takes 30 minutes (ticket “Andante”- Z4 “título ocasional”; 2 euros). Please check

Traveling by bus from Porto to Castelo Branco
Rede Expressos bus in Porto (Campo 24 de Agosto) that goes to the Castelo Branco bus station. There are several times a day.
On Wednesday the 23rd the first bus leaves at 8am from Campo 24 de Agosto and the last one leaves at 20:15.
For the return on Friday the 25th the last bus leaves Castelo Branco at 19h and on Saturday the first bus leaves at 6h30 and the last at 17h30.
The trip lasts between 4h30 to 5h and costs € 19.30. Buying round trip ticket costs 34.80 €
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