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  • 1TrueID


    We create digital DNA to trace every product

    sector icon Agricultural, Food
    location icon Chiari - ITALY

    sector icon sector icon sector icon

    1TrueID is generating secure codes (Digital DNA, SSL128 bit) for items in food and fashion areas and distributing a free app, for Android and iOS, so that customers (Owner) can interact (QR Code, NFC, Rain RFId) with the product knowing the authenticity, the storytelling and traceability data, declaring the ownership of the product and starting a social experience with the Maker of the product.


  • Agricolus


    Making Precision farming easier

    sector icon Agricultural, Food
    location icon Figline e Incisa Valdarno - ITALY

    sector icon sector icon sector icon

    AGRICOLUS is a cloud applications ecosystem for precision farming with multiple purposes: disease awareness and forecasts, crop monitoring, decision support system for treatments and fertilizers, farm management and end to end traceability bringing valuable information to final users. It is already on the market and multinational agroholding companies, medium-big farms, association of farmers and government are using it successfully.



  • Agri Marketplace

    Agri Marketplace

    Where fair food trade is made easy

    sector icon Agricultural, Food
    location icon Alcácer do Sal - PORTUGAL

    sector icon sector icon sector icon

    Agri Marketplace is a B2B global marketplace where farmers and industry / retailers can make business transactions, supported by premium partners that facilitate logistics, legal support to sales contracts and quality insurance of the products.



  • agroNET


    Digital farming advisor for efficient production

    sector icon Agricultural, Food
    location icon Novi Sad - SERBIA

    sector icon

    agroNET is a set of modular components and ready to use cloud services designed to provide extensive agriculture expertise in an easily accessible and usable format.
    Use them "off the shelf", under ours or your own brand or pick and choose components for integration into your own solution.



  • Breed-XY

    Breed XY

    Animal genetic evaluation

    sector icon Agricultural, Animal production
    location icon Iasi - ROMANIA

    sector icon

    It is a web and mobile suite destined to breed societies, a tool that provides functionalities and processes meant to assist in breeding book management, performance testing and genetic evaluation of animals with the overall aim of improving the production traits of animals.



  • EntoGreen


    Sustainable food chain

    sector icon Agricultural
    location icon Santarém - PORTUGAL

    sector icon sector icon

    EntoGreen looks to contribute to the sustainability through the value of organic residues and the availability of alternatives to protein sources used in animal feed. Besides that, EntoGreen offers alternative ways for soil fertilization, looking to contribute to the agriculture. This way, EntoGreen intends to contribute to the different areas of food manufacturing, promoting its sustainability.



  • FarmCloud


    Multiple Farm Controllers, Single Cloud Platform

    sector icon Agricultural
    location icon Lisboa - PORTUGAL

    sector icon sector icon sector icon

    Livestock producers need to optimise their production in order to feed the world's population. All the developments carried out at the level of feed and genetics are enormous, timely information became critical to produce more and better.None of the big suppliers, manufacturers of this vertical market was able to have its own solution, still less an agnostic platform that actually responded to this need. We are filling this gap.



  • Stable


    Stable democratises risk management for farmers

    sector icon Agricultural, Food
    location icon London - UNITED KINGDOM

    sector icon sector icon

    Stable helps a wide range of farming businesses protect themselves from volatile prices and costs. To make it simple, quick and affordable for everyone, it's all based on public indexes from Government organisations like the AHDB and DEFRA. We use these indexes to calculate a free and no obligation quote to protect your business and automatically replace any loss of income caused by volatility.



  • Unparallel


    Bringing ICT research to market aiming for unparalleled innovations

    sector icon Agricultural, food
    location icon Costa da Caparica - PORTUGAL

    sector icon

    UNPARALLEL Innovation is a high-tech spin-off company created by experienced researchers aiming to bring ICT research to the market aiming for unparalleled innovations. UNPARALLEL develops advanced ICT solutions and provides high-value consulting services with a strong foundation in research.



  • Wisecrop


    The Agricultural Operating System

    sector icon Agricultural
    location icon Porto - PORTUGAL

    sector icon sector icon sector icon

    Wisecrop offers a single and complete solution to manage farms in a centralised and optimal way. By integrating different Apps, it provides predictive agronomic indicators so a preventive action can take place, thus increasing yield and quality while reducing operational costs. The indicators can be leveraged by sensors installed on the farm and by remotely control irrigation plans. The Farmer can also request services from different providers, which results are integrated on the same interface.




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