Parallel thematic sessions - RESOURCE USE (Adaptation and Mitigation)

Room D - Plant protection / animal health and welfare



09h15 - 09h25 | WELCOME WORDS


09h25 - 09h30 | KEYNOTE SPEAKER


Maria Ceu

Maria do Céu Godinho

Escola Superior Agrária de Santarém

Location Portugal


09h30 - 10h00 | POSTER SESSION (each participant assists to the presentation of 3 posters)


  • +PrevCRP - Development of integrated strategies for the prevention of pine pitch canker
  • Alternative methods for wireworm control in potatoes
  • Automated behavioural enrichment for poultry – development of an innovative system to improve animal welfare
  • BioPest - Integrated strategies to fight against key pests in nut species
  • Development of a learning network to continuously improve health management in pig production to reduce antibiotics
  • Efficiency Check
  • Live Lambs - Improving lamb survival and farm profitability
  • PIGS+CARE - Production optimization of heavier pig carcasses by natural and zealous means without castration, aiming for new meat products without residues and high added value
  • PROFRUTA - Characterisation of portuguese propolis and evaluation of its potential in the control of plant diseases
  • QUALITOMATE - the complexity of being simply RED
  • UNDERCORK - Integrated management of the flathead oak borer Coroebus undatus


10h00 - 11h00 | GROUP DYNAMICS


11h00 - 11h10 | WRAP-UP




Presentation - Maria do Céu Godinho  

Innovative projects catalogue  



Report - Plant Protection Animal Health and Welfare