Parallel thematic sessions - AGRICULTURE 4.0 AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT

Room C - Management tools to support farmers decision-making



14h45 - 14h50 | KEYNOTE SPEAKER


Mark Gibson

Mark Gibson


Location Ireland


14h50 - 15h20 | POSTER SESSION (each participant assists to the presentation of 3 posters)


  • AWARTECH -  Animal Welfare Adjusted Real Time Environmental Conditions of Housing;
  • CAPSELLA - Collective Awareness Platforms for Land Management based on Data Technologies and Agro-biodiversity;
  • FERTINNOWA - Transfer of INNOvative techniques for sustainable WAter use in FERtigated crops;
  • FitoAgro - Methodology and tools for a better management of new key pest of the pear and apples in the West region;
  • GEO SUBER – Cork oak monitoring;
  • Integration of IRRINET with a fertigation software program;
  • ModelVitiDouro - A model for viticulture in the Douro Wine Region;
  • ProTomate - Development of new forms of support to the management of tomato crops to enhance quality of the final product (advice based on models and IT tools);
  • SMART-AKIS - European Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems towards innovation in Smart Farming;
  • SEMS - Smart Economic Monitoring Systems of production and operation costs related to precision and high mechanization
  • VIGISPORES - development of a decision support system for the management of three fungal diseases on shallot


15h20 - 16h05 | GROUP DYNAMICS


16h05 - 16h15 | WRAP-UP




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Report - Management tools to support farmers decision-making